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6 days ago

Pershing Rifles

Today is Flag Day and the US Army's 243rd Birthday! (Photo: P/R NATCON Color Guard 2015) ...

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2 weeks ago

Pershing Rifles

Pershing Rifles, Honor Exemplified since 1894. ...

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3 weeks ago

Pershing Rifles

Lest we forget, Pershing Riflemen lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Army Second Lieutenant Jeffrey C. Graham – Company C-1 – Killed in Action in Iraq on February 19, 2004, when a bomb exploded as he was warning others in his platoon

Army Captain Jonathan D. Grassbaugh – Company E-8 (Now T-8) – Killed in Action on April 7, 2007, in Zaganiyah, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated as he conducted a combat logistics patrol

Army First Lieutenant Ryan Patrick Jones – Company E-12 – Died of Wounds on May 2, 2007, in Baghdad, Iraq of injuries suffered when his vehicle struck a roadside bomb

Army First Lieutenant Michael L. Runyan – Battery G-1 – Killed in Action in Balad, Iraq on July 21, 2010, as a result improvised explosive device in Muqdaiyah, Iraq

Army Captain Kafele H. Sims – Company G-8 – Died June 16, 2009 in Mosul, Iraq, of a non-combat-related injury.


Army Sergeant Gregory Owens Jr. – Company Q-17 – Died of Wounds on July 20, 2009, in Maydan Shahr, Afghanistan, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle followed by an attack from enemy forces using small arms and rocket-propelled grenades

Army Second Lieutenant Justin Sisson – Company M-16 – Killed in Action in Tsamkani, Afghanistan on June 3, 2013, by a suicide bomber

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